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A Small Update

If anyone can tell I haven’t been posting here that often at all. I’ve been quiet busy with other projects I’m working on. This was my goal for this website anyways was to set up a easy shop and page to find my art/music. Now it’s time to focus on my other projects.

I’ve recently gotten ads on both websites I run, aka this one, and Fangz. It’s going really well so far, I’ve met people, I’ve been practicing my writing since I write so much now. I’ve been writing so much and drafting and publishing stuff that I’m going over my own post now, It’s like second nature.

I need to write a new Runescape update, I’ve done a lot since the last one, ya boy has put a lot of time into it. However, to be honest, I kind of haven’t been playing Runescape as much though. Actually not much at all, I realized it was taking a little too much of my time. I’ve also been playing this game called Torn. It’s a text based multiplayer game. It’s like a real life RPG, you can be a good guy or a criminal, so far i’m a criminal/trader. Meaning I buy low and sell high when it comes to items. My whole life is based off timers now so I don’t die. I’m learning time management on a video game boys and girls. It’s actually a really old game. I’ve gotten a few friends to check it out and play but nobody stuck to it like me.

I recorded my first song in awhile, actually I have an album in the works at the moment. It’s not a big one and it’s pretty experimental but I’m very excited for it. I haven’t made a title for it but I have a very clear story line for it. I’m basically done trying to follow what people say about music and just do me.  We’ll see how it goes to be honest.

I’ve been pretty stacked with commissions as of recently, I have about five I need to work on, I have about four sketched out. I’m excited to finish them as they look really good to me. I’ll be sure to post them here when they are ready.

I also have taken over DatPizz, I currently co-run it with 5k at the moment. Things have been going really well. I’ve been selling a decent amount of art as well, a little backed up on commissions but they are looking amazing. I’m excited to see where Fangz takes me in a couple months. It’s been blowing up decently recently. The team of writers and I have been going hard in the paint.  Big thanks to them.

Well thanks for reading, much love. Be back soon. Also click my ads please I need to feed my family holy shit.

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