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Back Online And Ready To Rumble


I’m Back And I Feel Like A Human

No one is really better. You just get past the feelings you had, overcome them, learn from them.. They are still there though, existing deep in your mind. You may not remember them but they are there. I’m not sure what is bothering me deep down. Is it something internally or is it health reasons? Is it something I’m stuck on without thinking or is it from what I eat and how I take care of myself? The older I get the weirder life gets, it’s really hard to explain. I wish I had words for it but right now I don’t. I’m working on myself though again. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and give up on taking care of myself.

Once again from now on my daily regime will consist of taking my herbs again, which consist of Oat Straw, Polygala root, Magnolia Bark, and Rhodiola. I also started taking Magnesium and L-theanine day and night.

I use to take these consistently but I stopped randomly. Something in me just clicked and gave up at some point. However, I’m starting again. I’m going to try to stay consistent. If I keep up the herbs and continue biking to work, as well as eating right. If one takes care of ones self and takes action you will feel better.

I took a break from social media for about a week, only visited a forum in my spare time. Forums are great, I’ve been using them a long time. They give me a good nostalgic feeling. I enjoy running them as well, I’ve been working on a forum with someone else but it’s been on a pretty big stand still. Not sure when it will be opened and released.

Besides that I’ve been playing Runescape and brain storming for more art pieces. I feel ready to work on them, as of today writing this, (9/28/18) I finally got two days off. I’m going to try to put them to as much use as possible. Maybe start the canvas I have, those canvas are big motivations to make something. I want to make them special so I can hang them up. Maybe some day someone will buy them.

Wait, Did you expect a subject?

God these blog posts are everywhere, I apologize, I’m not good at staying on topic. I think this is a really good way to get things off my chest and practice my writing skills. I haven’t been writing much music but I need to start that as well. I’ve written a few hooks in the past few days but nothing note worthy. I haven’t had any beats to write to either. Have I been producing at all? That’s a big no, I decided to just make beats for fun when I am actually in the mood. I still need to learn more about music theory before I go around trying to make a baseline. Struma Da Bass


Today at work a mini van pulled up in my work parking lot and parked right where the register is. At this point I didn’t think anything of it, I honestly didn’t notice till my manager mentioned it. When he did we started joking about how it was a dude taking a nap or some other shit because he instantly got in the back seat. Jokingly, I hinted towards him confronting the man. However, I was the one who ended up going to the car and knocking on the window.

After I knocked a man rolled down his window. All I could hear was what sounded like Fox News or some other sort of News channel. I was busy looking around his car because that was my first reaction was to scope out what he was doing, turns out he was just watching the news.. I asked him if he needed any help since he was just parked there randomly. He instantly pulls out what looks like a cop badge and said “I’m just watching someone I’ll be out of your hair soon.” Probably one of the weirdest moments at my job besides when some rent a cop freaked out because I couldn’t print a receipt.




There’s not much to say about this blog post. More of just a ramble.


Much love, Emotionull.


Feeling blue

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