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BB Sun Official Interview

Today I had the honor of interviewing BB Sun. BB Sun who started UDF in 2011 with two other artists located in Everett Washington, he is also part of Thraxxhouse.
BB Sun, also known as bolo is a twenty two old rapper (twenty three in four days of posting this. Happy early Birthday, enjoy it.), with Blue Sky Black Death being his first album released in December 2012. He is currently located in LA, California. (Hell yeah.)
From there he has made music ranging in funk, electronic, experimental, and tons more genres. 
With U DIE FIRST being his recent release, it is one of my favorites, mainly being WHAT I WANT (CIGARETTES) and  FINESSING. In this tape he states “This shit sounds like Jimi Hendrix & Kurt Cobain”
“Futuristic stick up kid music” – The song Sway is a good example of Futuristic.
“If this was a Pokemon card it would be a holographic gyarados.”
After listening more in depth to his music I decided to ask a few more questions to get to know him better. I’m also playing Metal Slug Advance while waiting for replies.

What age did you start making music? Were you Determined or did you just go with the flow?
“I been doing music snce I was like 8 my mom bought me all of Shel Silversteins books so i wrote poems & got expelled from pre-k cuz i sang coolio gangsta’s paradise 4 show and tell. & then i played trombone from 6th grade till 11th grade, but i played the tenor drums in hi school 2. Music always felt right to me i been good at since i can remember & it enhances everything 4 me.”
I’d like to give a personal shout-out to your mother for inspiring you to begin getting into art. She started a great movement.

With Blue Sky Black Death Being your first album to U DIE FIRST, which do you believe is your best work?
“i think Sol Invictus might be my best album, but i dont like the song “flee” i really wana re release it WITHOUT THAT lmao. im just most proud about U DIE FIRST cuz i produced & mixed & mastered it tho”

Any new Singles or tapes you plan on releasing or giving hints about?
“im working on a project that’s called “UR DYSTOPIAN FUTURE” its gna b like my version of cannibal ox cold vein, but in the next cpl months im gna start asking fans whether i shld b an advocate 4 peace or the voice of a revolution & it’ll determine the direction i go with the project. will i make fun of ppl that r overly aggressive & make them feel insecure abt being insecure or will i urge every1 2 b prepared for shtf & go buy ur guns now b4 its 2 late u know”

Any Shout-outs you’d like to give?
” s/o the Unity Diversity Freedom cult, my thraxxhouse brothers, gothboiclique, the genuine crooks & every1 that ever sent me cigarettes$”

I also asked a few personal questions, and he is actually an extreme laid back dude, he states if you asked him about his day before it would be way more interesting, however, i still find his days filled with smoking infinite cigarettes & making beats, along with walking around LA, kicking it with the bums tryna talk to schizos & other homeless people. He says he isn’t like them, however he is in the same position, with a little luck on his side.
Overall in the end, I think it would be pretty cool to meet bolo, maybe even smoke with him, maybe he’ll come to my city in the near future. Thanks again for taking the time to talk to me!

What type of cigarettes do you smoke? His exact words were “NEWPORTS” Always rep newports.

His social medias and music links:


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