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Donald Trump, The Old Fart

Donald Trump
By now everyone has heard of the old fart Donald Trump, who seems to enjoy being racist, sexist, and just plain scary, known for being a candidate running for presidency of the United States named Donald Trump, and by heard of, I mean they have talked badly about him, or have made him into a joke, and of course the other group that supports them. Yes that is correct, there is actually real people who do support him, but I’m sure most people can guess what those people are like. Some may thinking “Oh he won’t be elected.” Well, a good idea would be to not instantly shoot it down like that, “Even my wonderful cousins, who have lived in Italy for over 40 years, warn me that if former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi can do it over there, Trump may be able to get elected over here” (Fenn). How does Donald catch all this media? Well simple, “My colleague Bill Press made the point about the news media in a column: As long as he brings them top ratings, they’ll give him all the time he wants. CNN’s Brian Stelter compared coverage given GOP candidates by CBS, NBC and ABC between Aug. 7 and Aug. 21. On the evening news, Trump talk consumed 36 minutes, 30 seconds. Jeb Bush came in a distant second with 9 minutes and 22 seconds. Marco Rubio, 1 minute, 35 seconds. And poor Lindsey Graham, only one second” (Fenn).
With all this media coverage, what is Donald planning to gain the audience’s attention? His first idea would be to transport over ten million people out of the country, I bet he got those ten thousand votes. Another one his bright ideas is to build a “great, great, wall” around the U.S-Mexico Border. Oh and listen to this, he wants Mexico to pay for it as well. He has many more ideas that you can read online, they are pretty hilarious if you think about it. “I honestly don’t know if Donald Trump will win the Republican nomination. But he’s not just show. He’s offering something real, something very valuable to his party’s electorate that can’t be laughed off or dismissed. Expect him to be around for a while” (Slayton). However, Donald Trump doesn’t seem like a man that should run for president. Just enjoy your company and money Donald, leave the country to someone who really understands it.

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