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Excuse me, I’m a paranoid freak poem

Check my pockets when someone’s behind me

Paranoid mind got me questioning you now.

People assume i’m pretentious

Can’t agree with that I’m jus counterfeit

People don’t know me

When you’re behind me I have to move

If you’re behind me radars blare through the room

A overall sense of doom

There’s someone out to get me, it’s so inhumane

The way it lays it’s eyes on me is always the same.

Wide open and manic, question your family.

The panic begins to set in

Question your friends

This may be the end

What did you say again? You hate me?

You lost something, check your pockets

Where are we going?

Scared to go to a party

I hardly know anyone

Who’s to say because i’m hearty

And laugh

That i’m not watching every move in this room.

People assume i’m paranoid.

They aren’t wrong.

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