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First post on the world wide web

Hello… I may as well start with explaining myself. I made this in a way to improve my writing in a sense. I’ve done it before but I believe I deleted the blog out of anger.
I won’t be saying much about myself, as I don’t like exposing myself via the web.
I enjoy anime, video games, and comics. It can vary from there, just really depends. I am decently good at computers, as I grew up with them.
I have a twitter that I will constantly be posting from as I have nothing better to do.
My twitter url is: Here!
I guess anything else you would have to bring it up with me. I’ll be writing about the day I broke my leg which was around five months ago, however I am not sure when I will as its still being handled with by Lawyer.
So long!


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  1. this post is genius

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