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Heard On The Block That The Stocks Are Going Down!

Uh oh, it seems we have a case of the stocks going down, instead of up, as you know, stocks are suppose to go up, that is how the world goes around! However, the world doesn’t seem to be going around, but instead standing still, with Dow Jones dropping over 1,000 points, whatever these points are, maybe they mean something in a video game? We’ll have to see some time in the future, obviously, whoever is playing the Dow Jones game, is sucking, a whole bunch a lot. I am sure the gamers who were purchasing these stock p0oints were making a whole ton of bank and then BOOM! Money loss! That would suck sooo much ass.

You might think,”uhh null shit head, do you even know what stocks are lol!” well yeah, I do idiot. Why don’t you learn a thing or two and get your game up! Get your game up babby! OOh yeah baby get your gammmeee up! If you don’t get your game uup you may as well get your uhh game down!

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