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Hey You, Get A Look At This Crazy Thought Piece

Yeah, I’m talking to you, ya flippin human. What’s up first of all? How is your uh.. Night? Day? Uhh Afternoon maybe? Sleep time? I don’t give a fuck! I hope its good mother fucker! Welcome to my blog where I change social constructs and manipulate your opinions to love, whatever, I want you to love, even poo poo, haha idiot, why do you keep eating the poo poo? Because I told you to idiot. Now see what else you eat besides the good old toilet poops.. It’s nothing! Now that you’re under my control, please pay attention to this article, and also share it, because you enjoy it dearly, also subscribe, also fave, also like, also uhh re-tweet, also reblog. Just social media this bitch! ahahaha. Winning. I love to Epic win. Although, I mean, hell, haha, don’t we all, right? Okay back to the subject, please listen up, humans, I’ts time I taught you all a thing or two, because, since you’re reading this, you obviously don’t know anything haha, first things first. Welcome to my first official thread post, about the skills, and story of the Null Shit Head Blog. The crazy amazing place, everyone chills and loves.
Secondly, Some of you have read my past articles and simply laughed as if they are some how “Jokes” or umm “Trolls?” I am not sure if these are some random words made up by idiots or? Lol, they don’t seem to exist. The articles via this blog that are posted are very rare and REAL. No faking, it is not possible to fake these articles, as they are written out of real experience, of my years living on the Planet earth, like so much.
Thirdly, I have been getting ton of emails from Vice, Buzzfeed, uhh, Fox News, Adult Swim, uh,, Like Microsoft, Google, they are like Plleasse work for me, your write is so good, that I cry as I read it, like, it has extreme emotion and thought, because these are all rare thought pieces, created with the skills of hands and pencils and paper, no INTERNET boxes, Those are stupid, those are for the tech age, I am, in the thought piece age.  The age of using your brain, hey buddy, try it! Hahaha.
All my articles remain on topic as going off topic is extremely bad for the actual article, when you do get off topic, the article won’t make sense, and therefore would be pointless.
As you can tell I know a lot about writing, as I am a professional writer, for around, I don’t even know now, maybe sixy eight, nine years? Around there. I started writing when I was one year old, my mother was like, look at this extremely good writer, he is just writing, extremely political thought pieces, for the public to view and understand. When she said that I turned my head and I’m like “I know Bruh!”
Enough about my young child hood, we are in the future now, not the past.
I think since I started the topic of “Epic Winning” Many of you may not know the true dedication and skill devoted towards art of it, that generally, it can not be recreated, once the act of an “Epic Win” is committed, and is further more,  stored in the official vault of winning epics. Created by yours truly. This vault will not be expose till early 2100, by an automatic AI that I created years ago, which will also destroy the world in the same process of releasing the vault. See ya there fuckers!

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