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I Am A Government Agent, And This Is My Story

I Am A Government Agent, Here Is My Story
Yes yes, I know, I am sorry I did not come out with the truth sooner. Sadly, I was on a special, uhh Special ops mission with the government, we had to destroy, uhh… I can’t say, because it’s classified, yeah thats right idiot. Move along. Now that I am done with the mission, I paid leave for ten years, because I am so good at my job. Hell they almost says two hundred years, I was like, no, I love work so much, I must go back. It is my destiny, my journey in life depends on working for the government, as a secret agent extreme mercenary CIA DEA FBI, I was it all bitch. I, was literally, the government. When you’re that good at your job, you get too much done, and they have to put you on paid leave because, well you do every mission and job, in life ever, too fast. I’ve done this… A uhh a official amount of five times. Idiot.
Alright alright, I won’t brag now, I’ll talk about my job and how hard it was.
It wasn’t idiot, It was sooooo easy lol! I just did it ya know, I was born to do it, i was so good. amazing. my job as a gov official was, well obviously epic.
Are aliens real? You bet your dumb idiot asss. Why wouldn’t you guess this LOL! Look at this universe, come on now!
Are aliens on this planet? No, because this planet is complete shit, like, uhh,, a dirty toilet, full of you know what, bull crap.
Is the Illuminati real? Oh yeah i forget I am also in the Illuminati, Its not real.
Did you get a pistol? No, even better, I got an Ak47, and when I didn’t have to use it, it was a damn good day.
Does the government run Bitcoins? Ya, I made it, I was like yo boss, I bet people would totally love this. and i made it in two seconds, with my coding skills, in many languages.
Uhh, hmm what are some other conspiracy theories that I can shit on so you can finally shut up.
Are gamers killing the planet? Actually, im a gamer, and your arrested idiot.
Were drugs created by the government? hell yeah idiot, we smoke sooo much weed in the officie! HAhah idiot, it ain’t illegal for us!

This is basically my job, and if you don’t believe me, I honestly think you should go back to school, and stop being a troll. Really, it’s child ish. I own trolls daily. If you try to troll me, you will basically lose the web.
Peace homies.



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