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I Had The Fame And Success, THan i Lost it ALL.

This is my first rant/review.. please kill me

This is the story of how I owned a domain for less than 48 hours.

It all started with the thought of buying a domain for this blog here, because, well, I enjoy posting on it, so I thought I’d make it a lil more official and professional, I decided to use the company 1and1 for my domain needs. I’m not gonna complain too much about this, because it was only a small amount of 99 cents that got me the domain, which if you enter into your web browser bar, it will not load. Lets take a step back. I set up the domain and forward it to wordpress which costs me an extra $26 for an upgrade. Which I got refunded because I have no use for it anymore. Sorry WordPress.

I woke up, got off work, and my site is down, domain is no longer on my control panel of 1and1, im not really sure what happened. You know.. It’s just one of those days, it’s all about the he said she said bullshit you know!

It’s time I take a stand and I boycott 1and1, from who i should of never bought from, thank you for listening.

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