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Null Shithead Was Kidnapped, But He Owned The Bitch

Well, you’ve been wondering where I’ve been haven’t ya! I’ve been around, I’ve been in the allies of the news, I’ve been around the block. first and foremost, I was kidnapped by an idiot assassin, wanting to take me out, as well as my blog. Now who is the assassin? We’ll get to that, no worries, first let me explain how I kicked and owned, and maybe even pooped on this dudes flipping world! I’m flaming! I’m heated! Oh buddy don’t even get me started on this IDIOT! This fuck head decided to KIDNAP me while buying me food? This is when I knew it was going to be an easy escape, I mean, how much work would it take to kick this jack ass in the shin and run? I started to think deeper about it, how about I run this idiot for his money, and get a free meal in the process! Hahah, if you can’t tell by now, the idiot is Clif, who is clif? It’s not Clif the big red dog, because that clif is actually cool. This Clif, you’re gonna hate this son of a bitch with all your guns. Every word that comes out of his mouth his dumb. I think he is dumb, he is so bad. Hey clif. Hey buddy, lick my balls. Bitch

Flame Clif Here:

P.S: Clif is okay I guess. I’m not that mad. Although he does have to lick my balls to save the world. (Please tweet him this.)

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