OSRS Update #2: Aggressive Fishing



The grind continues. I’ve done a lot in my book compared to my last post. As you can see I’ve been focusing on Range the most out of everything. i’m actually fishing right now. Decided to finally start my skilling grind. A lot of the levels in most of my skills we’re obtained from questing. As of now I have about 23 quests done. I plan on busting out more later but at the moment i’m burnt out. I did get a lot of useful quests though. Including Waterfall, Dwarf Cannon, Druidic Ritual, Clock Tower, Recruitment Drive, and a few more… You get the jist though. Below is the free quests I’ve completed.




I am getting a little low on gold, that is a major reason why i’ve started skilling at this point. Still need to find the best money maker. For now I’m going to fish and watch Mr. Robot.



  • Much Love, Null.

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