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Cannon Balls, More Like Give Me Gold

OSRS Mining

The stats are coming… Oh man they are coming.

Well I haven’t updated anyone in a while, I apologize about that… I’m a busy man, I do a lot of business.  Do you see the amount of business I do I own a damn website! Grab the fucking extinguisher because this one is hot. We got some brand new updates coming in for you good little readers. Now be a good little reader and finish this fucking article.

My stats are very unique, in fact I am the only one in the whole world with these stats that’s why you should be looking at me. I’ve been playing for about two months now if I’m correct. I believe in my first post I said I only played two weeks. I think this was me sub-consciously lying to myself. Because I double checked and it seems a lot longer..

Oh shit he knows what EHP is?


Haha you bet your ass bitch. I have a total of 78.4 EHP, with a total XP level of 2,348,254. Now if that don’t look bad ass, I really don’t know what is… I’ve been playing a lot though. I’ve gotten drawn back into the game pretty hard. I haven’t been this addicted to a game in a long time, It feels good to actually get joy out of a game again. Maybe all these new games suck ass. Fortnite… More like, uh, Fortass…

Alright, enough bullshit, I guess I’ll share the stats now.

OSRS Stats Log #3


My overall opinion on these skills:

You all can say what you want, but combat is a pain in the ass the mid levels of 50-70, you’re so close to the fun stuff yet so far. I got pk’ed while I was killing green dragons for a slayer task so I ended up leveling majority of my skills. In fact, I even got a few important quests done. I plan on following a quest guide for the best quests to do for member quests. I got my fairy rings though. They have been a blessing recently. I’m not really sure what skill I want to focus on to make money with, which is the reason why I brought them all to a decently close level so when I do decide I can get a head start. So far I’ve made the most off of Smithing. Fishing I made a decent amount but smithing is extremely afk. Don’t get me wrong fishing is afk but it doesn’t make much money till higher levels.


Maybe by next update I’ll have it figured out, for now, I’m going to smith my cannon balls and watch my scary movies.


Much love, Emotionull.

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