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Preparing Pasta With Shithead

Hello! Welcome to my very first Cooking with episode! I think I’ll start doing these as I enjoy cooking, and I may as well write about my process. First things first, episode one we will be cooking spaghetti with tomato sauce and turkey meat, it’s a very special family meal we have always had.

5:41 PM : Put the water on the oven, it is now heating up, the water is gaining the hit to than prepare the spaghetti to be eaten, with my mouth.

5:49 PM : The water has begun boiling, that shit is flaming hot, I bet if you stuck your hand in there, you would get a, maybe 5th degree burn, some serious shit.

5:52 PM : Spaghetti has been put into the water, the meat is slowly cooking, we’re off to a pretty damn good start if you ask me boys.

I’m also doing a lot of other shit, like I just took out the trash, I love to take out the trash, the dog just shit on the carpet, that’s extremely bad ass.

5:59 PM : Meat almost done, the meat is cooking pretty slow because it was still a little frozen, I didn’t have time to wait, I had to devour the food before my life span went to zero…

6:05 PM : I’ve combined the meat and sauce, they are now cooking together, mixing the sauce and meat… The flavor is combining… You can tell this is gonna be some good ass food, because I’m cooking it baby! Here comes the seasoning!

Season List:

Garlic Salt

Black Pepper

Mrs Dash

After I wrote Mrs. Dash I ended up digging into this tasty sucker. It was beautiful, and I ate all of it, if I could do it again, I would probably do it the rest of my life. Overall, I would no doubt always recommend my home made pasta, ever wanna come over and chow down on some Shithead spaghetti? Well get your ass down here!

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