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Skittles, These shits are flavorful!

Have you ever tasted a skittle? If you chew it slowly, you can taste this really good flavor, I have yet to figure out what it is, however I’m loving it baby! I’m trying the one and only “Tropical Skittles,” These sons of a bitches taste like, I’m in a tropical forest maybe? The flavor is explainable, I’m chowin on these suckers rn! (Skittles listen up, pay me, or send me candy for this fucking article.)

Wow, so I’ve been doing some deeper research into these “Skittles” now there isn’t much science about them, as the ingredients are secret and I don’t even know where the candy comes from for that matter! LOl! Maybe from space, only aliens can create candy as advanced as these are today. I believe the candy industry is working with the aliens and government, possible even with the U.S (Also should work with me.)

Getting pretty close to finishing my bag, weird how that works huh? Like they WANT you to buy more, personally, I’d withdrawal from my over shore bank account and purchase the candy maker it self, why are we wasting time here? We ain’t got no time lose! We only got time to gain! Under are belt! For candy and shit! My goal is to be sponsored by at least twelve different candy companies that mail me candy every month so I have a decent supply to last me the rest of my life. If this is not possible, it will be very soon, I will work hard towards this goal, and some day achieve it. Please wish me luck in this journey, you little bitches !

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