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Snack Review By Chives Celery (@Trillama)

Hello friends. Todau I will be reviewing a few of my recent snacks, and giving suggestions of whether or not you should snack on these snacks.

1. Hot Tamales: Tropical Heat
It’s no secret that in the world of snacks, candy holds it’s own as a good snack variety. And what snack candy better than a small, pill shaped cinnamon candy that tastes bad, Hot Tamales. An actual tamale is a mexican dish made of pork and corn husk or something. Tropical heat gives us flavors nobody asked for, inculding Pineapple Picante and Limon Fever, as opposed to the regular cinnamon flavor. 3/10

2. Bisuits and Gravy Lays Poatato chip.
Recently Lays has done that competition that’s like they pay a million dollars to whoever suggests a good chip flavor. This is because they have either run out of ideas, or they have so much money they wanna just give it away. Last time, the best flavor was clearly the wasabi ginger kind, but people are stupid ad it didnt win. bicuts and gravy is good though 8/10

3. Mission Tortilla corn chuip strips.
Yeah, another chip. Mission is good, authentic mExican flavors imo. Very good with salsa, these are pretty much a staple for me at this poiunt. 10/10

4. Nature Valley Oats and Honey granola bars
You get 2 in one pack so you really cant complain, they are good for when you are feeling too clean and want to get crumbs all over you. A nice brittle texture, with sweet notes, im guessing that’s the honey coming into play. 9/10 wish they werent so messy would be a 10

Remember America, snack on the Good Stuff.
*Chives Celery (@trillama twitter) is a professor of snackology at the University of Pheonix online classes*

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