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Starting A New Project, Fangz Media

It’s Emotionull, I’ve come to bring you amazing news. Please rejoice.

I’ve been working on a project with a few friends who I’ve met through the underground scene, So as you know the musical underground scene has a lot of blogs, but they never have blogs representing the art community. We decided that we would be the ones to cover said scene instead of letting it get no exposure like it has been. Cover arts matter, shirt designs matter. There’s much more work behind a musical release besides just the music. I don’t think people realize that. Plus theirs so many artists trying hard everyday just to get their name out there. I know cause I’m one of them.

So that’s my goal, Exposing the underground art scene.

So what’s the point of this? 
I’d just like you guys to go check it out if you have a chance. We’ll be release our first article very soon. I’ve already done two interviews with a few artists I enjoy and much more is planned soon. 

So what are you doing?

Go check it out….

Also check out the Team page to see who I’m working with. Much love to them.

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  1. This is exactly what needs to happen if blogging is going to matter to anyone but the generation who created it.

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