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The Perfect Duo Combines To Create “Desert Dwellers”

Art By travisjpeg
The beginning

Emotionull & Kizzeret had an idea, everything begins with an idea. The plan was to meet up and make as much music as we possibly could from scratch, start to finish. It didn’t take long for this plan to come to reality. With some simple googling we decided that a Greyhound would be our best bet. That night I researched prices for a ride to Tucson, to my surprise a round trip was only around $25. We had to do it, there was no other option, I had two days off coming up and the world was aligning perfectly. So I bought the ticket. The decision was made, was there any planning? Of course not. It’s Kizzeret and I, what the fuck do you expect? 

Planning? No fucking way

I mean we did have a little plan laid out, it went a little something like this.

  • Computer
  • Audio Interface
  • Skateboard
  • Drawing Supplies (This was never on the list I just brought it.)
  • Camera

With the minimum amount of stuff with me and the clothes on my ass, I set off taking a Lyft early as fuck in the morning to the Greyhound station in which the lady told me I didn’t have to be there so early and I could of gone to a different one way later in the day, but you know, it’s good to wake up early right? My goal was to get as much footage as possible through out the two days and hope in hope it could be used. My second goal was to record as much music as possible. I think I achieved half of that goal. I got a decent amount of footage but nothing I’d like to feel accomplished with.

Luckily, we have a good editor, who saved us with that.

Thank god for Idiom, or else where would we be?
Musical Process

The music process was very different, and not in a bad way, I’ve never recorded music from scratch in a setting like this. It was surprisingly much easier than recording music alone at home, something about working with Kizzeret sparked something in my creative self. I’m very glad to be able to work so well with him as well as be such good friends. I had a lot more confidence when recording my verses, usually I feel very self conscious even alone at home recording. Funny enough we even recorded the last song “Free” in a Walmart parking lot. It was a really good time to be honest and I can’t wait to do it again.

Below, I present you “Desert Dwellers”

I think I would label it as Experimental Alternative Hip-Hop. Maybe with a dash of Punk. So I hope you enjoy it. You can find it on all platforms, I’ll have some options linked below. Let me know what you think of it!


Art By: Travis JPEG

Beats & Engineering by: Kizzeret

Vocals/Video Footage By: Emotionull

“Beings” Co Produced By: FXLLEN

Mini Vlog Edited By: Idiom

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Can’t Create. Stuck In Place.

 A feeling of being stuck not able to create feels awful. It gives me so much anxiety and my sense of self worth drops. I hate feeling this way, I always feel extremely useless. I haven’t made art nor worked on music in a few weeks, I haven’t even tried to pick up a brush or  a marker. My brain just tells myself that I won’t know what to draw or paint but I honestly think of hundreds of things to draw I just don’t bother. I don’t know what it is.

I’ve decided to take about a week long break from social media. Will it help me? Who knows, however it’s still worth giving it a shot. I’ve started biking to work now so I can get active in some way. I lay in bed for hours on end but it’s the only place I feel comfortable. I always feel on edge everywhere else. Like watching your back, hoping no one is upset with you.

Music wise I was luckily able to release Paranoid as it was the last long I recorded before this whole mood switch happened. I still have another song coming, it just needs to be mixed. Maybe I’ll release it when I get back from my little break. I’ve mainly been watching movies and tv shows during this break. I somehow feel the break is justified because the amount of art/music I did during those months that I actually felt like working and being productive. I’m a very lazy person but I enjoy at least doing something while being lazy.

I mainly just hope things change soon, I don’t enjoy feeling this way, I’m sure no one does. I wish I could get back to making art and being happy. Hopefully soon.



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Emotionull – Paranoid (Prod. Hex Zero)

Emotionull Music

Emotionull has released a new song releasing his feelings of how he feels being paranoid about the world. Who can he trust? Who does he really know? Will he ever overcome this internal struggle or will he suffer till the world ends? Besides that, He’s always in a constant Paranoid state.. Is someone there? Anyone? What did you say again? It sounded kinda wack…

Production was done by the one and only Hex Zero

The production matches the paranoid state of Emotionull.

The Art was made by Steez Designs, an incredible artist.

Be sure to give the song love on all platforms if you support Emotionull!