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Talkin’ Socks baby!

Oh ya! We got some good stocks goin! on buddy! Wooooaahh! Boy! Look at those stocks my man! Daamnn Baby That deserves a night out! I mean, come on brotha, just take a look at the damn stocks! We wall street now baby! Were doin stocks, Were doin the economy, Were fuckin the economy, were fuckin the hell out of it baby! Wooo its a wild night i loooovvvveee! L O V E the stocks baby!!!

Me looking at these gnarly mother fuckin stocks and economy: Hahah Wooo! Stocks Baby! Gotta love em!

It ain’t not thang! It aunt no Tang! We got stocks baby! We got em in all sizes, Big little small, but ooohh Baby i do the bug stocks! Im with the big boys Baby!


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