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The Day I Fix America

The day I teach America to live correctly.

Hey! You! Yeah you you little mother fucker! Come here, now! Today, oohhh buddy you don’t even want me to get started on whats coming today, ooohh you’re gonna shit and PEEE your mother fuckin pants buddy! No joke, I don’t joke, I am 100% serious, with out a doubt, no wayyyy in the WHOLLEEE world would I be joking. If you think I am joking, well you better step your happy ass right on off this mother fucking web site domain page. and hop your ass back on the Nerd dumbo web page, noob!
Alright, alright, you want me to stay on topic? I’ll stay on topic bitch, were on this mother fucking topic right now. We just made the topic. The topic is single handedly changing the world and the web. I’d like to give my friend Pizza Tank Top Bro who also, as well, single handedly, changed the entire Tv On line Show Business, with only Two fingers, TWO! Shout out the The Best Show On The Web. Now back on topic. America? It’s a country, people live there. I myself, know the president, we talk on a daily basis, we go on boat rides, eat ice cream, hell we even just saw the new minions movie together, he would not stop laughing through the whole thing! What a good guy, love my president best friend. Me and him have discussed, and we both have agreed upon America needing some changes, we need to change this country for the better, so what do we do? I don’t know maybe you should tell me ass hole…. You tell me how to fix America, you’re making me very nervous, please do not pile on this work on me, I am only a single person, I do not know how to change America. I do however, know how to change America, and that is what I will be doing today, with my own bare hands, one nail at a time, America will become good, and not bad. I’ll make a few houses, throw a few gaming systems in those bad boys, and boom! You got a good economy, non corrupt politics, just the safety, of a home. Everyone however, must own at least ONE animal. Preferably a dog, or else you get arrested for one million years. ALso I made it so humans don’t die and never age, now what death? What the fuck you gonna do now huh? Now that death is solved, I must move onto the best major life issue. Not enough free gaming systems??!?!?! What’s the fucks up with that bullshit? Why isn’t gaming free? Why can’t we just play video games like normal people, and never go outside? This is the shit we need to discuss, here and now, no waiting, it’s in the now.
Now now now, the economy, hell, lets just give money for free? Boom economy is fixed you flippin’ iddiots!
Politics: Lets destroy that shit, lets make new shit, call it something else, make it cooler buddy.
Life is fixed. so go home, and chill

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