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The Day THe Internet Died

I bet the title scared you all shitless, (Bet you think I misspelled shirtless, no, we are are going full on shit-less mode.) it’s okay, that is why you’re here on The Official Shit Head Blog News, where shit gets real. In this insane blog post I will be predicting the future for all you internet kiddies to see what it is like when the internet dies. Basically what will happen is someone one will leak some extremely bad ass high tech government document, and i’m talking bad ass shit, like shit that makes the government drop everything and go bat shit crazy! Lol. This stuff will explain the meaning of life, exact cords for aliens, anything you can think of and you can bet your ass it will be in that motha fuckin’ document!

Panic begins, governments don’t know what to do with the extreme amount of social justice tweets, and activists making extreme steps in the social media world of exposing these bastards! The documents are getting leaked! The Documents are getting leaked! Haha I bet these bastards are yelling that in the offices! I don’t know though, I am at home, writing this, explaining my time travel journey.

The government begins taking extreme action, including suspending accounts that weren’t doing much, and even blocking tweets from being posted, they were blocking these peoples freedom of speech! What a motha fucker! The people were furious now, the people begin building armies of their own and breaking the cities, mass fires and riots happen around the world. The world has entered world war three due to the internet cut out. The Human species depends on the internet. Don’t shut off the internet! The internet Must live on or else we di- INTERNET TRANSMISSION DISCONNECTED

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