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The Old School Runescape Grind Log #1

So I just recently got back into Runescape, been playing it a lot recently. I decided I’m going to make a sort of series for updates on my account and how far I’ve gotten. I started about a week ago, I only have 9 days of membership left. Out of those nine days depending on how far I get I’ll probably buy a few months of membership.

See my stats below:

I will try and keep these up to date for when I post the actually blog post.

Goals for this account:

My goals are pretty simple. I thought about taking different routes but I want this to be my main. So maxing everything out on this account. I have no idea when this day will come. That’s one reason why I’m starting this sort of blog series to keep track for myself and for anyone else who cares. (no one.)

I haven’t decided what’s skilling level I want to max yet, nor have I picked what money making guide I plan on following. I’ve been working on a guide my friend sim linked me. It’s a sort of beginner guide to get a lot of quests done. I have about 12 quest points right now and I plan to keep finishing them. There isn’t much information I can provide at the moment.

End game? Maybe making money off the game some day. I highly doubt that’s possible but you never know. I’ll mainly be playing the game when working on art or on my down time. The mobile Runescape app does release for IOS on October 30th though. (Late birthday present) I’m super excited for that as I can play at work and on the go. I have a lot of spare time at work. I work at a car wash so majority of my time is spent either drawing, reading, or watching YouTube videos.

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