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The Overwhelming Urge To Work

As you can tell I’m not the best writer. So here is some of my jumbled thoughts. Enjoy.




I seem to stack myself with projects because I always feel I’m not doing enough at the time. My whole childhood was spent playing video games. I never bothered learning how to play an instrument or anything. I did however run websites. I use to run a couple forums in the past. One of them actually got a decent amount of members. I also ran Professional Minecraft and Terraria servers. The Minecraft sever took off a little.




However, once I hit eighteen I actually had an urge to learn how to do something for myself. I ended up leaning towards music. I’ve been doing music for almost two years now. I started making joke raps and shit like that with a lot of inspiration from Lil B. He’s still one of my favorite artist. After the first year or so I started taking things more serious. I make music that expresses how I feel. It’s not for everyone I’m sure but I don’t mind at all. It makes me happy so I do it, if it goes somewhere, it goes somewhere.





As a kid I was always interested in art. I also always had a very big fear of making art, I felt as if I was never good enough to making anything worthy. I didn’t understand that making art is for you. Nobody else. I think it was a big confidence thing. I didn’t want to try in fear that it would look bad. You can’t get anywhere without trying though. I drew a little bit as a kid, my Grandma was an art teacher and artist her self and she always influenced me to try and be artistic. I owe a lot of what I do now to her. She was he first one to really push me towards greatness. I’m mad I didn’t see it as clear as I do now. Back to what I was saying though. I use to draw Marvel characters, I really liked comics. It never really went anywhere. I wish I could find them, they are long lost though.






Now it’s 2018. I make music, I draw and paint, I take photos, and I make beats. I work with my collective called Experience Shift, as well as a couple of other side gigs that I am helping with.

Sometimes it feels like you spread yourself too thin, but it also feels like you aren’t working hard enough. I strive for greatest and I hope some day I reach it.

– Emotionull

– Much love, null.

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