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Together We Share a Parallel Universe

Have you ever put in the thought about what if you decided to do something else, in which it completely changes your future, however, you sadly picked the wrong one, and something negative occurred in your life.

Like say you picked a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and you’re like, “These are gonna totally fucking kick so much ass, you don’t even know.” However, they sadly do not kick, ass, which does not kick ass, extremely a lot (This is another subject in it self.) Now, we must enter the parallel universe entrance gate, where the adventure begins. Here we will enter the first (Of the first universe) universe. Where here, you will have mild cards, which is pretty cool, and hell, I would accept, but were here to adventure and proceed past human limits with the Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Now lets enter the second (Of the first universe.) universe. Here you have all of the maximum cards, expect one, which is extremely shit. Who the fucc wants ONE extremely shitty card, we want ALL of that shit to be good you feel me!

Now this, this is where it gets, beyond what you can event think about. Hell I can’t even think about it, I can’t seem to fully complete the thought in my broken brain to understand it. Here we go, this will be my most complete understanding, It can’t get any better than this baby!

The universe of the fifty fifth universe of the twelve milky way, here you will proceed to journey through nine more universes, which will than bring you to the void, which I can not explain, it has a weird mist, and it’s complete darkness, every inch, dark, blank, empty. You begin to hallucinate in this void, which is why you do not want to stay long. A good trick to get out of this fast is to enter warp speed and enter the sixty ninth and the four twenty universe, here are the future, advanced technological civilizations are staying, you can choose to live here, or just visits. Enjoy.

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