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Uhh… Gonna try and not have a topic for this blog post. I’ve found a much easier way to write a lot more until I get wifi, I am basically just writing on my computer and transferring it to my phone, I was dumb enough to take forever to figure out how easy it was to do so, I can now also move all my downloaded shows onto my computer and watch them here.. Which means epicness duh. I was gonna edit videos as well but I sadly never installed a video editing program when I reinstalled my OS. If anyone is wondering I am running Ubuntu 14.04 on a Dell Inspiring Net book, so nothing special, but it does the job for web surfing etc. I use to play WoW on it, I didn’t play the most up to date WoW however, I played on MoltenWoW WotlK, I enjoyed it a lot and played for a long time, I believe they got reset and or closed down, which is extremely sad, I made a lot of friends on that server. Now that I am working again, i am back on the track of saving up for a Laptop. I don’t feel an extreme need for a new one, but I definitely would like to get one in the near future so I can go back to my steam account. I’m probably gonna torrent a lot more anime so I can just watch it on this laptop now, I have a decent sized phone screen but I hate holding the phone and keeping it on the charger. I’m a spoiled show watcher. I enjoy having the Ultimate Watching Experience, UWE for short, you better remember that. I get paid in two days of writing this so that is extremely cool and good. I kind of want to buy a few cheap Ps3 games so I can begin saving up for other things. If I have a decent video game to play I can past my time a lot. Just don’t know what to buy, I was thinking maybe red dead, or maybe even Gta five again. Gta five was a lot of fun, mainly online however, than I begin to do the money hack when it was as easy as editing a file, not sure if it’s still that easy however lol. Red dead was a lot of fun all together, maybe if I get red dead I’ll get the zombie version along with it. Otherwise I never played much console, and now that this console is dying out I am not sure what the greatest games were. I’m sure I’ll find one that holds my attention. Hopefully.
Well damn, the topic seemed to become video games doesn’t that just piss you off. Fucking hell lad. It’s fucking bloody L bad!
Thanks for reading, and like uhhh okay.

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