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What Is Animal Rights?

Uhh this was for school so here.
What is Animals Rights you may ask? If you google it, Googles definition says “Animal Rights insists that animals, of any kind, are not here for human use only, such as, Medical Research, hunting, and other services to humans.” (Google Definition), as they are living and breathing just like us humans. Now you may ask, why would animals need rights? We eat them anyways Haha! Well, that’s not all humans to animals, of course one of the major ones being the killing of animals, now you may think, of we need to do this to live, however that is not always true, humans have many ways of creating food. Although a major point brought up about humans needing meat. Although, if humans put the work into finding new forms of food, it’s very possible that we won’t need to kill. “Humans also use animals as science lab tools, testing new substances, or to test a psychological theory of the effects of serve punishment.” (Peter Singer, Experimental Animals – tools for research.) The idea of Animal Rights began around 1975-1980, with one of the first Writers to get fired up about it, happened to be Henry Stephan Salts, I’ll be sure to link you to the book/writing in the work cited. However, he did not create it. The actual first start of the official Animal Rights we have today, all started in 1975, when a Philosopher by the name of Peter Singer publishes “Animal Liberation” with the very meaningful quote at the beginning of the writing. “The question is not, can they reason? Nor, can they talk? But, can they suffer?” (Jeremy Bentham)
After this great progress made by Peter Singer, in 1979, just a few years after Peters published his Animal Liberation writing, an organization under the name Animal Legal Defense Fund was created. Who was it created by? “It was created by attorneys active in shaping the emerging field of Animal Law” (ALDF about us page.) Today, the size of the organization is enormous, including thousands of dedicated attorneys and more than 100,000 members and supporters, now that is an extreme expansion. What does this organization do every day you ask? They are constantly providing free legal assistance to those who are in need, and are handling cruelty cases. They also provide free education, including workshops and seminars to teach you about Animal rights, which in my opinion, is pretty nice of them. This isn’t the only thing the organization does. You can read more on what they do on an everyday bases on the ALDF website, located in the work cited.
After all this work, it is nowhere near done, with the creation of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, aka, the well-known Peta. The organization was founded by Ingrid Newkirk and Alex Pacheco in 1980. Peta is most known for advocating veganism, as well as Hunting in general, including harvesting of animals furs for clothing, being one the major ones. “From 1980-1990s. PETA slowly became the synonymous with animal rights.” (Animal Rights about Page) PETA reaches out to many people by simply using the media that connects us all today. Including social media websites like Facebook, and Twitter. They also use commercials to spread the message. However, PETA also does not have its happiest memories, including the ways they generate controversy using nude celebrities, also provocative campaigns, you can find these campaigns by simply googling PETA provocative campaigns, it’s that simple.
I won’t explain every single event to current day, as there is too many, and this would be a pretty long essay, and it only needed to be 2 paragraphs. However, if you wanted to know one of the most recent to date action taken for Animal Rights, most of you know the documentary Blackfish, exposes SeaWorld, the sea animal amusement park, these owners make billions off exploiting animals. This gets much darker to how the animals are treated. This was in 2013, however Steve-o is still making a movement, including editing a road sign to SeaWorld SUCKS, this will also be linked in the work cited. I hope this tiny amount of information helped you have a better understanding of Animals Rights, and maybe even think twice before exploiting/harming animals to your own use.

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  1. Great essay-style post! And it’s true that we don’t need meat to live. Infact, we are healthier, in general, without animal products, such as meat, fish, dairy and eggs. 😊

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