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Why Alligator Clips Have Led To Higher Hospital Bills


We all know about these deadly items, this malicious tool has caused over one million deaths over the past year, as well as giving people, a pretty hefty hospital bill, hell even worse, a funeral bill. People may be asking, “How the hell is this causing deaths, or how are people even getting hurt?” There has been a recent event that is unexplained, no human can explain the recent events. One of the most recent event is the jump from jumper cables into the realm of higher entities and aligator clips. This event actually happened to me, yesterday at 5 AM, right before I was heading to bed. It didn’t make much sense honestly, maybe I should try to explain all that deep. I’m still in a lot of shock.

I’ll start this story off at around twelve in the morning, today is Friday,  I’ve been up with friends on Skype, talking about god knows what, probably completely useless shit, I decided I’d stay up till the morning and sleep through the evening since it was my day off, I highly regret this decision. At around 4AM is when things started to get weird, I was playing with some alligator clips at my computer desk, as what I usually do when I browse the web. I ended up clipping my finger into the alligator clip. This caused an enormous amount of pain, which was strange, I’ve clipped my fingers plenty of times with these. I ended up passing out due to the pain, I couldn’t handle it, when I woke up it was around 4:59 AM, I didn’t know where I was, everything was extremely dark, and had this odd mist to it. I ended up with the conclusion that I was in a realm of higher entities, and alligator clips, it was actually extremely scary, I ended up waking up in the hospital, with the police saying I was extremely stoned. I also had pretty large hospital bill.

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